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More about Proudfoot

Leather is the ‘in fashion’ wear, it’s a media favourite, it’s on TV, it’s at the movies. Leather gives that individual look, that special feel.

Proudfoot have been delivering this unique leather and sheepskin experience since 1975; an experience which includes style, look, feel and fit.

What does it look like, put it on, see it in the mirror, what does the skin feel like, is it really soft and supple? Touch it, feel it, check it out, does it fit? Try it on, get it right. A picture might tell a thousand words but it can’t tell you how it feels, how it fits. Try it on at Proudfoot, staff will help, they will make sure it’s just right.

Proudfoot carefully match skins and styles to provide price ranges to suit all pockets and tastes, we have very fast selling fashion and casual leather jackets from under £100 to more specialist designs up to £350. Sheepskins and Lambskins mainly come in from just under £400 to £500 with some specialist longer length merinos coming in around £1000. You can expect to pay half or less than London prices.

Leather, Naturally Ageless, Leather Naturally, for all Ages – Proudfoot where the Good leather and Lambskin comes from.

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